The German Way for Safe, Healthy and Effective Water Disinfection

Most water plants in the world use chlorine gas for water disinfection which produces dangerous by products. Over the years, various carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic and environmentally harmful effects of many organic chlorine compounds have been proven in scientific studies.

Apart from this, many safety measures need to be installed to avoid chlorine gas accidents. Appropriate training of personnel for the handling of hazardous substances is mandatory – and expensive. To prevent danger from poison gas or explosions (in the case of chlorine dioxide), hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide can be produced on site. However, health concerns of the use of chlorine substances remain due to it’s by products.

In recent years chlorine gas has often been replaced through hypochlorite in order to reduce the danger potential in disinfection. But after short time it appeared that the highly corrosive nature of hypochlorite results in out of scale corrosion damages to the distribution network, water pipes and other installations.

REDO Water Systems’ award winning technology is the answer to drinking water disinfection and hygiene challenges.

REDO Disinfection Systems use

  • Water
  • Pure common salt
  • Energy
to produce the six strongest disinfection agents on site within the customer premises.

REDO Disinfection Technology combines and accumulates the power of six disinfection agents to exceptional short contact time with an outstanding long-term effectiveness. The unique combination of the advantages of ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and oxygen supported through dihydrogene dioxide and sodium hydroxide results into an insuperable ‘multi-barrier disinfection process’ – the final removal of bacteria, germs, spores and other harmful vermins.

The disinfection solution is biodegradable, nonhazardous in operation and without dangerous side effects or by products.Different disinfection agents fight different microorganisms - the REDO combination of six disinfection agents is most effective and avoids the disadvantages of high dosing of a single active ingredient.

Some of the advantages of REDO are

  • No chemical additives used
  • Totally safe treatment process
  • No health risks – minimization of disinfection by products
  • No corrosion due to pH neutral water disinfection
  • Most effective, quick disinfection with long term depot effect
  • Best Energy efficiency – very low electricity consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • Agents 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance

For its innovation and R&D, REDO Water Systems has been awarded by the German Ministry of Economics and Labor with the Federal Award for an outstanding innovative product.

It is a market proven technology with installations in 32 countries across Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Afrika . REDO installations are in Waterworks / utilities, hospitals and buildings and the agriculiturual sector. There are also special industry applications like Airbus and Boeing which rely on Redo technology for the disinfection in their planes.

REDO can be used effectively in the following industries

  • Utilities
  • Construction and buildings, Hospitals, Hotels & Office Buildings
  • Livestock Breeding (dairy, poultry etc.) & Agriculture
  • Industries : Airports, Plane manufacturers, Ship builder, Beverage and food industry
  • Special Areas : During disasters for immediate disinfection of water, Rural Areas, Military Applications etc. using mobile units that offer just not disinfection but also water filtration.