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Compared to conventional water disinfection processes, in particular technologies based on chlorine, chlorine-dioxide, ozone and oxygen, the German REDO Technology offers advantages in effectivity, ECO-friendliness, safety and cost efficiency.

For its outstanding technology innovation REDO Technology was awarded the German Federal Innovation Award (Bundesinnovationspreis) in 2004. The REDO process utilizes the disinfectant REDO®lyt. This disinfecting solution is produced through an advanced form of electrolysis within the unit and is then added to the water to be disinfected. The REDO process eliminates all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi and regulates the pH-factor.

The REDO process uses solely the water from the water cycle to be disinfected, as well as salt and electricity. From 1 litre of water and a few grams of salt along with some watts of electricity, one litre of disinfecting solution REDOlyt is produced in less than one minute. One litre of REDOlyt disinfects, depending on the germ count, up to 1000 litres of water, which normally remains germ free for several days. The innovation in REDO Water Disinfection is the advanced form of electrolysis that produces a non-hazardous disinfection solution, which is highly effective.
REDO Disinfection Technology is used in more than 30 countries worldwide. Among REDO Technology customers are industry heavy weights like Airbus, Boeing, the airport Frankfurt Hahn and Water plants Oman, Egypt, Hungary, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt and Korea. REDO Technology is also deployed in livestock breeding farms, hospitals, hotels and the food and beverage industry around the world.