Rainwater Harvesting at Milk Products Factory, India


Project Details

The Milk Products Factory is a company, located near Mumbai that specialises in the manufacture of milk based products i.e. Cream, Cheese, Butter etc.

As part of its production process, it requires huge amounts of water every day. Since it is based on the outskirts of the city, it has no local municipal water supply and relies on 2 borewells near its factory for its water needs .

During the summer months, due to depletion in the ground water level the water output from these borewells is not enough, leading to water shortage for the company. Due to this water shortage the company is not able to meet its production goals and incurs losses due to the same. The company started looking for optional sources of water to meet its production demands.

Based on an indepth survey of the site and its nearby resources, rainwater harvesting was suggested as a solution.

The company was located in a hilly area and had two small hills behind its factory premises. During the monsoon, rainwater flows down the hills (in huge volumes) through a stream adjacent to the factory premises. As a rainwater harvesting initiative, rainwater was channelled from this stream next to the factory, into a ground water recharge system next to the existing borewells to increase the ground water levels. Gradually the ground water levels increased due to this recharging and helped ensure better water supply during the summer months.

The stream water was properly filtered using triple filtration and then recharged in to the ground via a recharge system.

Project Value INR 1 Million.

Year – 2012-13

Executed by : Suresh Dawmani

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