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REDO at waterworks in Oman

Concerned about the safety of its citizens and the hazards of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, Oman started using REDO technology for disinfection a few […]

Airbus uses REDO

Airbus uses REDO Technology since 2005, for the disinfection of its planes in all international production sites, before delivery to the customer. REDO Technology was adapted […]

University Hospital in Hungary adapts REDO Technology

University Hospital in Hungary adapts REDO Technology Since the University Hospital in Pécs has been successfully using the REDO technology for water disinfection and legionella prevention […]

New concept for mobile disinfection services

INWASOL an REDO are pleased to announce the launch of  “Mobile Water Disinfection Services” in India. INWASOL has developed a concept for safe and clean drinking […]